My Philosophy

What Life Lighter is all about

by Careen Visagie on 02 May 2022

We are created with a specific purpose in mind. Food is the fuel to help us fulfil that purpose. It should not be the focus or obsession of our existence.  

Food brings people together and is part of our celebration of life. Let’s enjoy it without a set of rules, and guilt and shame.

We can all do with more grace and kindness – especially towards ourselves.  

You and I are uniquely created. What each individual needs to flourish and live a nourished life, is different from the next. So, everyone’s structure and process towards reaching their goals, should be individualized to their needs.  

We are created body, soul and spirit, and our wellbeing therefor includes much more than just specific food intake, movement, stress management, etc. but should also incorporate considerations and growth in our thoughts, emotions, will, and spiritual nourishment. True wellbeing starts from the inside out, not from the outside in.  

This practice aims to help the client identify, and work from the root causes of health and weight challenges and is built on the truths and principles of the Bible.