About Careen Visagie

As dietitian, I have always been passionate about helping people to improve their health through their food intake

by Careen Visagie on 02 May 2022

I have so much empathy and understanding with people who struggle with their health and are unhappy with their body weight or uncomfortable in themselves. It can be overwhelming, but these challenges do not have to consume your days.  

There is hope!  

And there are so much more to life…  

I too have had my fair share of these challenges. As dietitian, I have always been passionate about helping people to improve their health through their food intake. I have a natural preference for what is seen as healthy food choices. Although I do have a sweet tooth, I would describe my food intake as healthy and well balanced. Yet, I felt tired for most of my adult life and have always struggled with my weight – even though when I look back at some of the challenging times, during many of those times, my weight was perfectly healthy and in the ‘normal’ range. I now know that a big part of my obstacle was that of not addressing all the necessary aspects of health and lifestyle that impacted me and being stuck in the web of comparison and lack of self-love.  

I had to change my behaviour and grow and improve in self-love and self-care. 

I am still growing in trusting my body and the cues it gives me. 

I applied what I knew was necessary based on my genetic profile as a guide to what I need - which was much more than just food focus and exercise.

I had to, and still need to pay attention to my thought-life, and I had to learn how to nourish my emotional wellbeing. 

And, for me as believer in Christ Jesus, it is a daily choice to keep my spirit-life in order, to apply Biblical truths and principles, and to guard my heart. I learnt to trust the Lord, even in matters of food intake, exercise, rest and more, and not to lean on my own understanding, or just my professional knowledge.

There are no quick fixes.

 I know first-hand that wellbeing and living a nourished life, is a daily choice. And, as circumstances change, we sometimes need to adapt to sustain our wellbeing. Small changes can make a big difference.  

We are created as wonderful, beautiful beings for a specific purpose. Often, we feel overwhelmed by where we are compared to where we think we should be, or what we want. But if we can have more grace with ourselves, and be kinder towards self, we learn that it is a journey first and foremost about learning to accept, love and trust our Creator and ourselves. We can be healthy today on our way towards where we are going.  

I know too well the ups and downs of this journey, and therefor want to partner with you if you wish to move out of your comfort zone and into a nourished abundant life – to walk alongside you, to break through your barriers and buts.  

If you can relate to any of this and need help, please reach out to me – I’ll be your thinking partner and growth companion – you do not have to walk this path alone.