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The Life Lighter mission is to help people, especially women, to be healthier

– not just in the physical, but also in soul (thoughts, emotions and will), and in spirit; and to grow and improve in their relationships with themselves, food and others.

It brings great to joy to see people transform from being overwhelmed and burdened to experience a lighter nourished life with optimal wellbeing.

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Wellbeing, and a lighter life,

is a daily choice and a lifelong journey.




Hi. I am Careen Visagie.

I have so much empathy and understanding with people who struggle with their health and are unhappy with their body weight or uncomfortable in themselves. It can be overwhelming, but these challenges do not have to consume your days.

There is hope!

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My qualification

I am a registered dietitian RD (SA), a coach and a mentor.

I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Stellenbosch. Further nutrition studies include: Functional medicine training; Master’s modules in Nutrigenomics and Diabetes; Foundational Courses in “Disordered Eating“ and “Treating the Emotional Eater”; 3X4 Foundations Course in Nutrigenomics; EATFIT FODMAPS trained practitioner

I completed my coach training through Profectus, and previously achieved an ACC credential from the International Coach Federation. I am a certified NBI (Whole brain thinking) Practitioner.

I hold a Diploma in Education, Mentorship and C.A.T. from Ginõskõ: SA Academy for Education and Mentorship in Humanness/ Personhood

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My experience

I have many years of experience as clinical dietitian working in hospitals and communities (mostly in the UK), and in private practice.

My special interest in nutrition is focused on nutrigenomics, digestive health, weight “management” from a weight neutral, non-diet perspective, and auto-immune disorders.

As coach my specialties include life coaching and health/ wellness coaching.

As mentor my focus are towards Christian women of all ages, who have a desire to grow in their ability to apply Biblical principles in their relationships and to live more Christ-like lives.

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My Philosophy



I love running!

I enjoy gardening and being creative – in various forms – painting, decoupage, colouring-in, and more.

I have a deep appreciation for fermented food and drinks, and I am an experienced kombucha brewer.

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