Be healthier in body, soul and spirit.

Live a lighter,

nourished life

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Thrive with our combination of

functional nutrition, coaching and mentoring.


apply to you?

  • 🥱   Tired, even exhausted with how you feel in your body.
  • 😩   Desperate to improve your health.
  • 🤢   Suffering with an unhealthy digestive system.
  • 😖   Feeling stuck and frustrated with constant dieting and not keeping the weight off.
  • 🤩   Want to improve your relationship with yourself, food and others.

You’ve come to

the right place!


How we can help...

At Life Lighter we partner with you to get to the root of your health challenges by combining evidence-based, functional nutrition and lifestyle medicine with the insightful, thought-provoking and creative process of coaching to inspire you to maximize your well-being and potential.

This enables you, the client, to gain clarity on the challenges at hand and to move forward with achievable goals and lasting solutions.

Your gain and what

you can experience


in being

relief -

feeling lighter, hopeful

health and wellbeing -

where you are now, on your way to where you are going

practical guidance on

food intake individualized to your needs and circumstances

confidence in

reaching your goals

greater understanding on how

your thoughts, will and emotions impact your state of wellbeing

growth in your relationships -

with self, food and others

understanding of the

impact of lifestyle components

We invite you to take the first step towards a more

fulfilled, nourished, and healthier life by contacting us today.

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Hi. I am Careen Visagie.

I am here to help you regain and improve your health and wellbeing by addressing the root causes of your challenges.

I help you on your journey to live a lighter, nourished life – able to fulfil your purpose, passions, and potential.

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